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Luxury Cattery | Larne, Co. Antrim

This spring I am proud to announce the opening of Kilwaughter Cattery.
Taking bookings from May 2018

Kilwaughter Cattery provides a safe, loving yet professional environment for cats while their owners are on holiday.

We have 12 cosy rooms that are each big enough to house up to 4 cats from the one family, so you never need to separate them. All the rooms come with radiators, climbing areas, toys and snuggly bed area. Your pet will have loads of space to eat, sleep and play in a safe, controlled environment.

If your cat has a special toy, bed, water fountain or scratching post that they are used to, please bring them along. We try to encourage as many smells and familiar items from home as possible. We want you to enjoy your holiday stress-free knowing your cat has first class care.

All our rooms have a large snuggle area for times in the day your cat just needs a little more one-on-one-time being pampered and played with.

Some cats, unfortunately, are quite poorly and live with various on-going health issues, but their owners can still book their holidays with peace of mind, knowing that their cats are in safe hands booking with Kilwaughter Cattery.

Kilwaughter Cattery can implement all dietary needs and administer medications: injections, eye drops, tablets etc… as we are proud to have on our staff an RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse, level 3) with a further ISFM certificate in Feline Medicine.

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